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Sak Pase Diplomacy Needs Writers!!

After 2 years of running Sak Pase Diplomacy, I am moving on to my next diplomatic assignment: Islamabad, Pakistan. I may or may not create another blog while there. Nonetheless, I would like THIS blog to stay VERY active. It … Continue reading

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Try This, Enough Of That: 4 Non-Expat Ways to Enjoy Haiti

Living in Haiti as an expatriate, it’s easy to get yourself into a routine. Hundreds upon hundreds of foreigners from all over the world, and everyone seems to know everybody else. What does that mean? It means get-togethers at the … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review – Quartier Latin (Sunday Brunch)

Contrary to most opinions on Haiti, in particular Port-au-Prince, it is not a land of contrasts. Instead, Haiti’s capital is a mélange (mixture). It’s a city of overcrowded storefronts and industrious people. The streets are often filthy, and the churches … Continue reading

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Reconstruction Reconsidered: Is It Excellence?

A while ago, I posted about an apartment building under construction across from my house. The post emphasized the quickness with which something can take place in Haiti with the proper dedication. Several viewers of the video included with the … Continue reading

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Why Haiti Needs a Victoria’s Secret

Do you know where Haitian women go to get fancy lingerie? Usually street vendors, though sometimes it’s brought back in suitcases after trips to the United States and Europe (which is, oddly enough, where the street vendors purchase it). Women … Continue reading

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