Sak Pase Diplomacy Needs Writers!!

After 2 years of running Sak Pase Diplomacy, I am moving on to my next diplomatic assignment: Islamabad, Pakistan. I may or may not create another blog while there. Nonetheless, I would like THIS blog to stay VERY active. It has evolved from merely a platform to present my insights on Haiti to a strong venue to discuss the complexity, richness, and potential of Haiti. That being said, I NEED WRITERS.

Why Write for Sak Pase Diplomacy?
Sak Pase Diplomacy has grown over the past 2 years to reach a wide audience through a vast network of social media connections. Writing for the blog provides access to that network and assurance that your article is read in Haiti and throughout the United States. The blog is followed by journalists, diplomats, community activists, professors, members of the UN, and a host of other communities.

Being a writer for Sak Pase Diplomacy is an opportunity to present a side of Haiti that is often overlooked and, quite simply, needs more exposure.

What Can I Write About?
We need writers residing in Haiti to write on the following topics:
– Social and cultural perspectives on Haiti
– Business developments (including tourism, investment, trade, etc)
– Politics (elections, democracy, human rights, etc)
– Restaurant reviews

We also need writers (either living in Haiti or abroad) to write about diaspora perspectives.

Do I need to live in Haiti to write for Sak Pase Diplomacy?
We’re looking mainly for writers living in Haiti, whether expat or Haitian (no discrimination, we want all!). We ALSO and EQUALLY need one or two members of the Haitian diaspora to write from abroad and include their perspectives in the blog.

Does writing for Sak Pase Diplomacy pay?
I’ve operated the site for 2 years in my free time and have grown to love every minute of it. This has been a welcome extension of my professional responsibilities. In a nutshell, no, it does not pay. Writing for Sak Pase Diplomacy is something you do if you believe in Haiti and want to give it more positive exposure, not if you need a paycheck. 

What kind of articles are you looking for?
My favorite articles on the site thus far are listed below. While not a comprehensive list, these are the sorts of insights I would love to see more of on the blog:

Defying Expectations: Angelot’s Photography

Why Haiti Needs a Victoria’s Secret

Four Non-Expat Ways to Enjoy Haiti

What Color is Haitian Jesus?

How do I apply?

Simply send an email to with “Sak Pase Diplomacy” in the title. Include your resume/CV, why you would like to write for the blog, and a short writing sample (it can be an entry for another blog or even some idle musings).

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One Response to Sak Pase Diplomacy Needs Writers!!

  1. hannah says:

    I hope you can find a good writer or four to keep this project up – I’ve really enjoyed it! Where are you heading next?

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